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Working with Cherro with Roots Lactation has been the best decision. She responded so fast and was at my house for a consultation just 2 days after my birth. I’ve felt so comfortable with her. Cherro educated me about so much. I would 100% recommend her to any new mom.


Cherro is quick to respond, so sweet with babies, and incredibly knowledgeable! She helped my twins and I become successful with breastfeeding. Before I met with her, I was ready to give up. She helped me clear my mastitis/plugged ducts and helped my babies nurse efficiently! I am so glad we found Cherro! Thank you!!


Cherro has been so helpful throughout the beginning of my breastfeeding journey! She taught me so much and really was the only reason I was able to get through some nursing hurdles at the beginning while still keeping my baby fed. She is quick to respond and follows up to see how things are going. Definitely recommend using Cherro’s services at any point as you work to feed your baby!


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